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Larry is our go-to HVAC pro - seriously, we have his number saved in our phones! Back in 2011, when we were moving into a two-story East Austin house, Larry was recommended to us from an experienced contractor. He came out while we were under contract to price out adding a second HVAC system to the upstairs (which was running 10 - 20 degrees hotter than upstairs). When we closed on the house, he did the entire job extremely professionally and for a great price. This was a big job - re-routing ductwork in a tiny attic, getting a gas line up to the second story, etc. His team was professional, tidy and thorough.

Fast forward to 2014 and our downstairs unit (over 20 years old) finally committed suicide and Larry came out straight away and, once again, gave us an extremely competitive price for a AC and furnace replacement. This year (2015), the new downstairs unit was running warmer than expected and not as efficiently as it should and he quickly came out, diagnosed the problem (a manufacturer issue with the TXV valve) and fixed it for free. Larry always responds promptly and turns up on time - we're always impressed with his work and his price! Couldn't recommend more. He's part of our permanent "home maintenance" family.

Erin M.

3-3-16. AC wasn't blowing cold. Called Larry. He came by without delay. Fixed it. Less than $200. We couldn't be happier.

Mark F.

So lucky to have found my new go-to for A/C and heating. Larry was able to help us twice with issues with a very old 80s unit in my rental townhome. It was on its last leg in August so you can imagine the urgency. He was able to work with our tenants since we don't live in Austin. Best thing is the response time is phenomenal. Eventually we decided it was time to replace it altogether and he got the job done the very next morning at a bargain (!) compared to other businesses around town. Thank you Larry!

Gaile O.

I have a rental out there - I'm in Vegas and have a hard time finding quality people to do service work. So when my tenant said the ac was out, I didn't know where to start looking for a repair guy. She said she called a place that could come the next day - ARS. Evidently they advertise a lot out there. The next day, the tech called me while he was there to say a short term fix would be $350 but really I needed a new unit at about $8k. I had to ask multiple times what was wrong with the unit. Long story short, he finally said the compressor was drawing too many amps and needed to be replaced. I had to ask for a quote on just a compressor fix - that was $2k.

Not knowing what really needed to be done - I told him I would get another opinion. That's where Yelp comes in. I did a search and called the highest rated companies. It was hard to find places that weren't too busy. One company said they'd be out but never showed after my tenant stayed home from work. Frustrated to say the least.

But then Larry at Bunten talked to me about the issue I had and said he could ck it out the next day. He did as he said - and imagine my complete surprise when my tenant told me the unit was working and blowing cold air! He had cleaned it out and started it up. He said he didn't think the compressor was going out - maybe the motor. But he said we'll just wait and see how it does. It's been a month now and my tenant is having no problems! I can't thank Larry enough - it is truly heartwarming to know there are such reliable and honest people out there! And when that unit has another issue - Larry is the man! Thank you! Thank you!

Michelle B.

Our AC broke in the middle of the night in August. I called Larry first thing in the morning and he was working his magic within a few hours.

He fixed our (old) HVAC unit, and charged a reasonable rate.

We'll definitely use him again.

Peter K.

Larry Susen with Bunten A/C was referred by a friend. In the heat of the summer my A/C was out and he happened to be in the area and came by within 15 minutes. Simple fix! Am now replacing my old A/C with them and very happy!

Marsha R.

After being handed from booked-up business to booked-up business this first cold morning of the winter, I talked to Larry at Bunten. He was courteous, and offered to "swing by" on the way back from another job. My equipment is all outside so he agreed to look at it and call me if he needed to get in.

My work is demanding and this is a rent house where I must be conscientious about maintenance, but I really didn't have much time to go home. Then Larry called back and said he'd not only looked at it but fixed it, didn't need to get in the house and all was well. He didn't know me from Adam! I'd given him no credit card number or anything, but he trusted me and did the work. Thank goodness some things about Austin have stayed the same! Needless to say I arranged to pay him quickly and that was that. I'm in love and planning a long-term relationship with Bunten.

Ellen C.

Larry and his son, came out the same day I called. They showed up on time, and in less than an hour had our system working again. After expecting the worse, Larry explained the problem and what I could to maintain the system. He said he would send me an invoice and when it arrived, the bill ended up being less than we discussed. This is your AC guy!

Lee M.

We had a motor in the blower start making noise. Larry came out the same day he was called, quickly diagnosed the problem and left to order the part. He called back later as the part was not in stock in town and we set a time tor him to come back out after the part would arrive. He called the morning of the day we agreed to make sure that the time we discussed would still work. He came out and quickly installed the part. The price was fair and reasonable. We will use Larry again when we have a need in the future.

Wendell M.

I was very pleased with Larry's service earlier today. At 3 pm, my tenants' outdoor AC unit developed a problem: it was squealing and the fan was not turning. I wanted to find someone who could come out today, if possible, and started calling around. I got a bid from another company first: The technician took a look at my unit from the outside and told me right off that it was dirty and urged me to have his company do an acid wash - a regular rinse with a water hose was not enough - and that that would run about $285. Then he opened the unit up and after a few minutes, concluded that the problem was my fan motor - it was shot and needed to be replaced. If the unit was still under warranty, I wouldn't have to pay for the roughly $700 part (although, of course, the manufacturer would); if it wasn't, then I would. I asked him how long the fix would take, and he said just a few minutes, and so then I asked him how much the labor would cost. He estimated about $375!! I was surprised, so he said that although his time fixing the problem would only be 15-20 minutes, the bulk of the labor cost would be for him to process the paperwork for the warranty. (!) I said that that defeated the purpose of the warranty, if I as the customer had to bear the cost of his interaction with the manufacturer. Basically, this guy/company was giving me an estimate of anywhere from $375 up to $1000, not including the urgently needed acid wash for $285. So I told him I'd look into my warranty status and be in touch tomorrow.

Then I found Bunten/Larry, and called him. By this time it was past 6 pm, but he took the time to come out to check the problem. What a totally different experience! First off, he asked me if my first bidder had checked the compressor. I said no; well, actually, I said, "what's the compressor?" Larry said that just from that, he knew that the first guy hadn't been thorough. Like the first guy, he did observe that the unit was dusty, and simply asked for a water hose to spray clean it - no "acid rinse" was even mentioned. Then, he noticed that the drainage hose was buried in the soil, and asked for a spade to dig it out. (The first guy had commented about it, but didn't do anything about it, in part because he was afraid of bugs?) I was really impressed that Larry took the time to do these things, because he didn't need to, at all. Once he dug out the hose, he gave me advice on how to fix the problem. Then he went to work on the unit itself, unscrewing the side cover and checking the energy drawn by the fan motor, and the power of the compressor (he showed me what that was). He concluded that there was nothing wrong with the fan motor at all, but rather, that the capacitor was out - a part that cost about $10-12! He had an extra one in his truck, installed it in about 15 minutes, and charged me only his $85 service call. When I told him about the bid from the previous company, he said that was not uncommon: some companies will say the fan's out because it is so much more profitable to replace that, and then install a new capacitor while they're there so it will actually *work* when they're done.

All around, I was pleased with Larry's work ethic, his service, and his affordability. He's definitely going to be my go-to guy for HVAC stuff from now on!

H. A.

So happy with Larry at Bunten. We've had to have him out twice in the past month for two different issues. In both cases He was fast to respond, with very fair prices and more importantly he's honest and you know you're not getting taken advantage of. He's got our business forever.

Nathan R.

I had two two expensive opinions to solve an a/c problem. Larry proposed a simple solution. His guys showed up and did the work in a couple hours, and they cleaned up the mess! Excellent solution. No hassles. In and out at a great price.

Jack A.

Larry from Bunten works exactly as described by others. He calls when he is coming, shows up on time, and is very quick and effective at fixes.

Jim B.

Larry was early for his appointment, took care of my issue in a very timely, friendly and courteous manner. Stuck with his original price quote given over the phone no less and did not try to sell me any unneeded repairs/freon for my system! I will be sure and use Bunten AC in the future and highly recommend!

Brenda M.

It's an easy review. Somebody came out quickly. Solved the problem quickly. Polite. The same issue occurred at a different house a month earlier. Bunten A/C was half the cost of the other company and much quicker at getting the job done.

Nathan G.

Sent Larry an email late on weekend night and by mid next morning he had my AC unit back up and running. Quick, professional and the prices are very reasonable. I went with Larry because of the good reviews I saw about him on Yelp and I'm glad I did.

Jason C.

After using another AC company in town I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. Their service was satisfactory but the cost was ridiculously high. When I questioned them on a near $1,000 repair for an item that was under warranty I was told it was for labor. Thanks to a friend, I was referred to Larry Susen of Bunten A/C Service. He came out within a matter of hours and had already fixed my A/C by the time he knocked on the door. You can imagine my relief. The repair only cost me a fraction of the quote from another company and was done in a fraction of the time. Larry was very professional and polite. He took the time to explain a few steps I could take to clean my unit yearly and prevent similar problems. Without a doubt, he's the one I'll call the next time I have a problem!

Bryan P.

Larry Susen at Bunten AC is really knows AC and he gives great customer service! He was very prompt (which is so important in this incredibly hot summer)! Our AC was installed and serviced under warranty through another company that never got it right. Larry got it figured out, gave us some tips on how to keep our house even cooler, and now we have recommended him up and down our street!

Heather M.

Awesome job! Larry saved me 3 years ago from a rip off service. This weekend I had an issue with my compressor and Larry was there about 9:30 am and my house was cool again by 9:45. I of course will highly recommend him to everyone.

Jill C.

Larry came out after my AC unit went down the day before Labor Day 2014.
And that was after his I-Phone crapped out. He implemented a call service to take incoming calls while his phone was dead.

Pretty awesome effort. Great response. Professional.
Knows what he's doing. He replaced a failed part and did a general checkup
on the unit.

Many Thanks Larry!

Barry B.

I came home from work on Monday, and although my thermostat was set at 77, it was 88! Way to start off the week! It was after 5pm, and I knew I'd have to deal with the warmer weather for the night. I called 2 different AC repair companies (and left messages) before coming across Bunten on Yelp. Larry works til 7 during the week, and I was able to speak with him Monday evening! He was out by 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and fixed the issue within minutes! Now, I have Bunten Service as a contact on my phone -- for future service and repairs! Thank you Larry!

Allison G.

I am a 28 year customer of Bunten AC in three different houses. Larry has maintained my air conditioners yearly and fixed various problems during that time. 13 years ago, he replaced my two air conditioners in our current home with efficient air conditioners that are working like new! Larry also replaced my duct work and insulation and my electric bills were cut in half! He has always been good about being on time, is very courteous and friendly, and takes his shoes off before he comes into the house so he won't get anything dirty! We have entrusted him with the key to come into our home in our absence and have always totally trusted him. We would never use anyone else!

His prices are always reasonable. And no, he's not my friend that I'm writing a glowing review on, he's just my AC guy! I would recommend him HIGHLY.

Theresa M.

I have used Larry from Bunten A/C twice and have found him to be very prompt, knowledgeable and affordable. He came to my property within in couple of hours on both occasions and had the problems fixed very quickly. Unlike other companies I contacted, his service call fee is included in repair bill...not a separate additional charge! I highly recommend Larry and Bunten A/C Service!

Brent W.

Larry is wonderful! We have used him for years for AC repairs at all three of our homes. He came highly recommended from a friend who owns several rental properties. He is trustworthy, polite, on time, and very reasonable. He has always been able to repair our AC problems. I highly recommend using him,

Lisa B.